GG\GY2T-10T centrifugal fan/induced draft fan


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GG\GY2T-10T Centrifugal Fan& Blower

GG2-10-1 and GY2-10-1 are the special ventilator and blower complementing with the industrial boiler of 2,4,6,8,10T/H.Nowadays,the industrial boilers have fairly many series and models.The coal used in a boiler has a great variety in quality.The dust catcher and the coal saver adopted have different resistance.The wind volume and pressure of the ventilator and blower need have certain difference .All these a bove have been considered during the design of the blower .Compared with the former blower matched with the boiler,this blower has the obvious feature that its wind volume and pressure meet the requirement of the boiler,have high efficiency,have a flat curve of performance and wide area of high efficiency.Its high wind pressure is in favor of smoke and dust catching of the boiler,so as to protect the environment better.

The blower's performance is indicated with the specifications of wind volume,full pressure,rotating speed of the principal axis,axis power,efficiency,etc.Among the performence shown in the performance chart,the performance of ventilator is calculated according to the air medium that:air temperature t=20,atmospheric pressure P0=101325,air density =1.2kg/m3.The performance of blower is calculated according to the air medium that:air temperature t=200,atmospheric pressure P0=101325Pa,smoke density =0.745kg/m3.