Y5-47 boiler induced draft fan


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Y5-47 series centrifugal boiler blower is designed for the industrial boiler of 1-20T/H which is fit for various burning medium and equipped with smoke and dust catching device,which may be selected by those with certain absorption condition and applicable performance.No more than 250 of the highest temperature.Add the dust catching device of no less than 85% dust catching efficiency in front of the blower,so as to reduce the smoke content entered the blower,and increase the blower's longevity.

The blower's performance is indicated with the specifications of wind volume,full pressure,rotating speed of the principal axis,axis power,efficiency,etc.Among the performance shown in the performance chart,NO.4-6,the performance of blower is calculated according to the air medium that:air temperature t=250,atmospheric pressure P0=101300Pa,air density =0.672kg/m3,above NO.8,is calculated according to that:air temperature t=200,atmospheric pressure P0=101325Pa,smoke density =0.745kg/m3.

Two transmission methods are used for this series of blowers:direct joint transmission(D type)and jib-headed strap transmission(C type)

This model of blower is single inhalation,9 types:NO.4568910111212.4,each may be made in the model of left revolving or right revolving.

For the convenience of customer's installation and debug,the unitary bracket and shock absorption bracket.