G/Y4-68 centrifugal fan/induced draft fan


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Model G4-68Y4-68 boiler ventilator and blower apply to the system of ventilator and blower for vapor boiler below 230T/H in the power plant.While having no special requirement,G4-68 may also be used for mine ventilation and ordinary ventilation.

The medium conveyed by the ventilator is air,no more than 80 of the highest temperature.The medium conveyed by the blower is smoke,no more than 250 of the highest temperature.

A dust catching device must be installed in front of the blower,to reduce as much as possible the dust in the smoke entered the blower.The dust catching efficiency is no less than 85%.

Performance indicated in the performance chart,the performance of ventilator is calculated according to the air medium that:ventilator t=20,atmospheric pressure pa=101325pa,air density =1.2kg/m3.The performance of blower is calculated according to the air medium that:air temperature t=140,atmospheric pressure Pa=101325Pa,air density =0.85kg/m3.