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YuanDong ShuangCheng Fan£¨Jiang Su£© Co.,Ltd is located in the No.188, Luotang west Road,JiangYan,TaiZhou,China,with convenient transportation,where is close to the No.328 National Road,and adjacent to the Zhentai Highway Hailing Station.

Our factory is a modern enterprise with strong technical strength, advanced CAD aided design system and domestic professional and perfect testing facilities nationwide, set R & D, manufacturing, and service as a whole.  

We produce all sorts of engineering, industrial and air-conditioning fans. Our main products range over the centrifugal fan series, axial fan series, air-conditioning fan series, diagonal fan series, boiler induced-draft fan series, exhaust fan series, industrial fan series and blower fan series, among which the 4-72II, TY, GM fan series are selected products for their high-efficiency and energy-saving performance.

Our products are widely used in such sectors as grain and oil, animal feed, electric power, road machinery and petrochemicals.We ¡°Shuangcheng People¡± (literally meaning people of double honesty) will be honest both with our behavior and career, and, guided by the philosophy of ¡°mutual benefits through win-win cooperation¡±, spare no efforts in the promotion of company brand and the enhancement of innovative capabilities, by way of providing to our customers first-quality products and considerate services as well as integrating ISO9001:2008 quality system certification into our routine management mechanism.

Our main production of various types of engineering fans, industrial fans, air-conditioning fans, and other fans, such as centrifugal fans, axial flow fans, air-conditioning fan series, mixed flow fan series, Boiler Fan Series, fire exhaust fan series, industrial fan series, blower series and so on. Especially the Series 4-72II TY GM SCD which is energy efficient products, as well as undertaking the design and installation engineering of ventilation and dustremoval. It is widely used in the fields of grain, chemical industry, metallurgy, spinning and weaving , building materials and so on. It has specialized design and research department , in cooperation with many colleges and universities in china to develop and innovate the new product in all directions. We ¡°Shuangcheng People¡± is ¡° honest man and honest work¡±, well be First-class quality and Considerate service for the Friends  of all over the world.